6 Business Travel Tips for Women

(Photo Credit: Huffington Post) Thousands of women travel for business purpose each day. Sometimes they travel with coworkers and some...

(Photo Credit: Huffington Post)
Thousands of women travel for business purpose each day. Sometimes they travel with coworkers and sometimes they travel alone. Regardless of who you travel with, it is important to plan ahead so that your business travel is safe, comfortable, and professional. If you are planning to travel for business purposes, be sure to take these 6 tips into consideration. 

1. Read up on your destination 

If you are traveling to country other than your own, be sure to read up on the culture of the country you are visiting. In some parts of the world, the role of women is still seen as traditional, so prepare yourself for any unexpected surprises. In addition, business practices may be different, so it is important to educate yourself so not to be embarrassed or or offend anyone. 

2. Hotel Safety

When meeting with clients or coworkers in a hotel, always meet them in the lobby. Do not invite anyone to your room so not to give them the wrong idea or impression. Some people may even see this as unprofessional, after all, remember what the purpose of your trip is. 

3. Check the dress code 

If you are not sure how you should dress, either ask what the dress code is or investigate on your own. In some parts of the world, women don't wear pants to work only dresses and skirts. 

4. Don't be cheap 

I am not saying you should be unprofessional with the money your company provides you with, but sometimes it is important not to be cheap, especially if your safety is at risk. For example, if you are going to spend a few more dollars on a cab ride vs. taking public transportation, it is worth the extra spending especially at night time. Also consider booking your hotel close to where you will spend most of your business meetings. This way, you can run back to the hotel if need be during breaks. 

5. Plan for a long day 

More likely than not you will be in business meetings all day. Be sure to wear comfortable shoes and clothing, while staying professional. In addition, plan to bring make up with you in your purse so that you can touch it up throughout the day, and some deodorant to freshen up. 

6. Bring an extra pair of stockings

If you are wearing a dress or a skirt, and plan on wearing stockings with it, pack an extra pair of stockings in your purse just in case you get a run in them throughout the day. 

Have you traveled for business before? Be sure to share any other tips you may have in the comments below!

Happy Travels Ladies!


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  1. I dont think I could travel alone. Don't people get lonely? lol

  2. I don't agree that people get lonely cause you can make new friends and enjoy your trip.

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