Things To Do In Kitchener In 2016

Kitchener 2016 If you are like me, you most likely find other cities more fun and exciting than your hometown. Sure, some people live...

Kitchener 2016
If you are like me, you most likely find other cities more fun and exciting than your hometown. Sure, some people live in a large metropolis where there are endless opportunities for fun, but not everyone is that lucky. The city in which I grew up in is your typical suburban Canadian city. Although there has been some improvement in bringing people to the core of the city over the past couple of years, to be quite honest, it still feels like there isn't a whole lot of excitement happening in Kitchener. I was once one of the many people who defended my hometown to the "big city people" who would say "there isn't anything to do in Kitchener", until I moved away and saw Kitchener through another set of eyes. Kitchener is a great city to raise a family in and for the quality of life (relatively inexpensive to live). It is also close enough to Toronto and the Great Lakes, so weekend day trips are doable. Prices are still reasonable, there are a variety of places to shop and dine, walking trails, parks, and a couple of museums, but there is still something about the city that doesn't scream"fun". Last month I challenged myself to find things to do in Kitchener, and I must say it opened up my eyes to the different events that will be taking places there this year. So my post today is all about the different things to do in Kitchener in 2016. Please note that my target audience for this post is adults without children (I am sure there are lots of events for children, but since my biggest argument in my previous post is that Kitchener is not fun unless you have a growing family or are a university/college student, I will focus on adults without children).
May Events
5th - Cinco de Mayo! If you are looking for a place to celebrate, head over to the Carl Zehr Square, located in front of Kitchener City Hall, between 11:30 a.m. and 2:30 p.m.

June Events
4th and 5th - The Ever After Music Festival is an EDM festival take place at Bingemans. I don't know very much about the festival as it appears to be something new to the region, but judging from their website, it looks like it could be a fun event to attend!

18th - The Summer Lights Festival will transform downtown Kitchener into a lively place to be. There will be live entertainment, food, and a variety of other cultural programs from 8 p.m. to 1 a.m.

24th - Who loves tacos and beer? I know I do! If you enjoy trying new craft beers, be sure to go to the Waterloo Region Taco Festival. Tickets can be purchased in advance, so be sure to get them in time!

25th and 26th - One of my favourite festivals in Kitchener, the KW Multicultural Festival. I make sure to go each year to sample the great food at reasonable prices, and to watch cultural performances from around the world. This is an event that you do not want to miss!!! Best of all, it is free to enter. It is located in the heart of Kitchener in the beautiful Victoria Park. I know I will be there!

25th - KOI Fest at the Parking Lot of the Center in the Square  will be hosting the Sam Roberts Band, Tokyo Police Club, The Strumbellas, Hannah Georgas, and a number of other local bands. This is a paid event and tickets should be purchased in advance. I have never attended KOI Fest but I have heard great things about it. If you are a fan of any of these bands, then it is definitely worth checking out.

July Events
8th and 9th - If you are a country music fan, the CMT Music Fest will be taking place at Bingemans. For more information, please visit the CMT Music Fest website.

15th to 17th - Another popular Kitchener summer festival is Ribfest. There are a variety of vendors to choose from for some delicious ribs (and other food as well), along with a number of craft breweries (please drink responsibly). Any time that I have gone, Victoria Park (where the event is held), is filled with people.
August Events
4th to the 7th - The Kitchener Blues Festival has a number of free concerts to choose from (paid concerts as well). The downtown core is filled with people, and if you like to sing the blues, this is the place to go this summer.
September events.
17th - If you would like to enter some buildings that are usually closed to the public, be sure to check out the Waterloo Region's Doors Open. From historical buildings, to modern buildings, you will be able to go on guided and self guided tours of a number of buildings in the region. I went to this event a few years ago and I absolutely loved it as I was able to find a lot of hidden gems in the city that I did not see before.
October Events
7th to the 15th - Kitchener is probably best known for Oktoberfest. It is the second biggest Oktoberfest celebration in the world (after the one in Munich, Germany), attracting thousands of visitors each year. If you like beer, schnitzels, and pretzels, then this is the festival for you (please drink responsibly). Some venues sell out months in advance, so be sure to purchase tickets well ahead. Also note that having a ticket does not guarantee entry after a certain time at some venues, so be sure to check so you don't get disappointed. I will be writing a post just about Oktoberfest closer to the date so stay tuned!

24th to the 29th - The Grand River Film Festival will take place at a number of venues around the Waterloo Region. The festival will showcasing a number of different films, so if movies are your thing, you may want to check this festival out.

November Events
Oops! Looks like there aren't any events listed for November. If you know of any, please let me know so that I can add them, otherwise it looks like you may have to spend November raking leaves...

December Events
1st to the 4th - Whether or not you celebrate Christmas, the Christkindl Market is worth visiting. I absolutely love this time of year (in fact, December is the only winter month that I enjoy), and going to the Christkindl Market puts you in a festive mood even if you are Scrooge or Grinch! It is a great place to get presents for loved ones, or even for yourself. Food vendors will be sure to satisfy your appetite and warm you up on a cold December day!

Do you have any other events or suggestions you would like to add? Be sure add them in the comments below!

Happy Travels!


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